February 2010

Charters Are Public Schools, Fighting to Provide a Better Education to LAUSD Students

We want to set the record straight. Charter schools are public schools that are tuition-free. Charter schools are committed to offering alternative methods of teaching, and serving a diverse student population. Local educators, leaders, and community members run the schools, not “outsiders”. That is what we offer.

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Statement From Jed Wallace, CEO and President of the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA), on the Civil Rights Project Report "Choice Without Equity"

“The Civil Rights Project report on charter school diversity is out of step with the reality of today’s schools and students’ needs. It’s unfortunate and unconscionable for the Civil Rights Project to release a study based on assumptions and incomplete data, and to solely focus their findings on demographics and “exposure” to diversity, rather than the academic performance of charter school students. This approach is overly simplistic and reflects the same thinking that has proven to be unsuccessful for the majority of children of color for decades.

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