FAQs about the LAUSD SELPA Reorganization

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If a school submits an Intent to Exit Letter now, can the school later decide to stay a "school of the district" under with Option 1 or 2?
Yes. A letter notifying LAUSD of your intent to leave the LAUSD SELPA and join a new SELPA simply reserves the option for your school to do so. The letter is non-binding and you may later choose to stay in the LAUSD SELPA by joining Option 1, 2 or 3. Similarly, a letter notifying LAUSD of your intent to join Option 3 is also non-binding. You may later decide not to join Option 3.

Who is working on negotiating a lower encroachment for Option 1?
LAUSD administrators have indicated that they will recalculate the encroachment fee during the 2011-2012 fiscal year, to take effect as of July 2012. CCSA is working closely with LAUSD to ensure that members are engaged in the discussion and have the opportunity to provide feedback at critical decision-making stages.

What happens to the charter agreement after July 2012?
Under the Board-approved reorganization plan, the current arrangement will no longer be available as of July 2012. This means that charter schools would need to select Option 1, 2, or 3 beginning July 2012. However, there has been some discussion of allowing charter schools to extend the current agreement through their charter term, or at least through the 2012-2013 academic year. CCSA is working closely with LAUSD administrators to advocate for this extension.

If we are applying to Option 3, should we still write a letter opting out of LAUSD SELPA?
While schools participating in Option 3 will be treated similarly to LEAs for special education, Option 3 is still part of the LAUSD SELPA. If you are interested in joining Option 3 and do not intend to leave the LAUSD SELPA, it is not necessary to submit a letter notifying the district of your intent to leave the SELPA. Instead, you will want to submit a letter notifying the district of your intent to apply to Option 3.

However, if you are considering leaving the LAUSD SELPA and joining a new SELPA effective July 2013, you must submit this letter to the District and the California Department of Education no later than June 30, 2012.

If we are in Option 3 and end up having a student that needs NPS placement, is that only for the time we would have them, or until the end of the 12th grade?
A charter school will be responsible for providing FAPE to a student as long as the student is enrolled in the school. If the student ages out of the charter school or enrolls in another school (such as another charter school, a private school, or his or her neighborhood public school), the charter's responsibility provide FAPE to the child ends. At that time, the charter school would no longer be responsible for the cost of the NPS placement.

How many students are represented by the schools joining Option 3?
The charter schools participating in Option 3 ruring the 2011-2012 academic year represent close to 15,000 students.

Where can we locate the names and contact info of the members of the Special Ed Advisory Board?
At this time, no members have been appointed to the Advisory Board. Once the Advisory Board is established, it is anticipated that information will be located on the LAUSD website.

Under Option 1 or 2, does the district keep all special education funds and charter encroachment?
Under the Board-approved reorganization proposal, the District will retain (or "hold") the charter schools' state and federal special education funding. The charter school will also contribute an encroachment fee to the District, the amount of which has yet to be determined. However, it is possible that the specific funding arrangements and contribution amounts will vary between Options 1 and 2.

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